December 5, 2020

Issuers of Annual Tax Documents Should Provide
Both PDF and FDX JSON Download

Issuers of annual tax documents (e.g. 1099, K-1, W-2) can make tax preparation simpler for document recipients by offering download in both human and computer readable formats.

In addition to providing download of annual tax documents in human-readable form (PDF), add download of the tax document data as FDX JSON that tax software can consume. For example, your website might have a page that looks like this:


Your Tax Documents for Tax Year 2020

Document Download
For Your Records
For Tax Software
1099-R   FDX JSON  


Contact us for resources or custom programming to add this feature to your website. If you do not need code for all 51 tax forms, we can adjust the price of the SDK or Docker image seen below.

FDX Tax Data Object Creation SDK

Sample code to create and populate FDX tax form objects and serialize to JSON

Java code including:

  • Tax form data models for 51 tax forms
  • Sample code to populate all 51 forms with data
  • JSON serialization code
  • Updates for any changes to tax year 2020 specifications

This SDK will jump start your development of downloadable FDX JSON files and save you over 160 hours of research and development.

Available from Bitbucket source code repository.


(Pre 3/1/2021)
1 $1,500 $1,125
2 - 15 $3,000 $2,250
16 - 30 $4,000 $3,000
31 - 51 $4,900 $3,675

Tax year 2020 edition available NOW

Request repository access or more info


Deploy the docker image on your system and generate any of 51 tax forms in portable document or image formats.

  • Uses REST API.
  • Your client software does http POST of tax document data in JSON format.
  • Microservice responds with application/pdf, image/jpeg, or image/png response.
  • Saves you over 250 hours of research and development effort

Distributed from Google Container Registry and Google Artifact Registry

Tax year 2020 edition available NOW

Price: $10,400

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